June 21, 2014

Father's day weeend

The weekend started early with the Chattahoochee Contra Dance that happens every friday night. It is one of our favorite events in Atlanta and we love to take there guests and co-workers. This time I went all by myself, which was still great. I'll dedicate a post to Contra dancing someday.

Saturday was a calm day with some housekeeping, climbing at the gym and coding. I finally started my new App that will conquer the world... of climbing... at the gym. Yes, it's a rock climbing app to be used at the climbing gym. 

Sunday was father's day in the USA, so pass holders at Six Flags could bring a guest for free. Two of my co-workers have passes, so they got me in for free!

Of course we were not the only ones taking advantage of the free pass, so there were twice as many people in the park that day, compared with a regular Sunday. But we managed to avoid the longer waiting times and enjoy the most popular rides like Batman, SkyScreamer and American Scream Machine. I also tried one of those games where you win a big stuffed animal as a prize. It looked really easy! Climb up some stairs, for a rock climber who also does slack-line... easy right?

One of the best business models I've seen is Water Blaster. There is a ride in the park where people go down a river in a giant raft. They won't get wet (at least until this point), unless they get blasted by other people. Of course these people don't know each other and the only motivation to pay $0.25 for two seconds of water is to see the other suffer, yell at you and get wet! 

After noon, the lines get really long and it is not worth it any longer to wait 2h just for one ride, specially in the sun! So we decided to join the Portuguese in Atlanta and commemorate the "Dia the Portugal" with a picnic by the lake.

This was my third 10th of June in Atlanta and the first time I joined this picnic with the portuguese community of Atlanta. It was a great way to refresh after a long morning at the park.

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